Not to anyone’s surprise, retaining clients is much easier than having to go out and prospect for new business. However, many accounting firms that serve small businesses often get complacent in terms of client retention. In fact, a shockingly high 15% to 20% of small business clients leave their accountants each year.  While certain factors are unavoidable, there are many key areas that accountants can focus on to improve their ability to retain clients.

Get the free ADP research brief, “Serving and Retaining Small Business Clients,” now and discover:

  • Common mistakes and pitfalls that accountants can make that can permanently impair the client relationships.
  • Simple steps that can be taken early in client relationships to ensure you are taking on the right clients that will stay with your firm.
  • Importance of being a trusted advisor and ensuring your clients are being referred to the right partners to ensure they are in compliance with all regulations, whether it’s HR, insurance, payroll, or retirement related. 
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