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Everything you need, right where you need it

Save Time

Save Time

The most-used payroll functions are now front and center for easy access – all other menu items can be accessed from the top navigation bar.

Improve Accuracy

Improve Accuracy

Smart improvements help you enter payroll faster and more accurately

  • Alerts help minimize data entry errors
  • Enter key automatically moves cursor to the next cell or page
  • Update salary and hourly rates while entering payroll
  • Data automatically saves when you move to the next page
Help Improve Compliance

Share Custom Reports

  • Improvements to custom reporting will allow you to define a Custom Report once (as a Master Template) and automatically share it with all of your clients.
  • Quickly print or export reports at the firm level
Engage Employees

Engage Employees

Enhanced Employee Access® empowers employees to make changes to their own direct deposit information and more.

Check out this video:

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More improvements to help keep it simple:

More data fields in General Ledger

Help Improve Compliance. The redesigned HR411® homepage quickly connects you to the Employee Handbook Wizard, HR Toolkits, Compliance Database and more.

Other Enhancements

Stop waiting for payroll package delivery. Access payroll information electronically, securely and on your clients’ schedule with eDelivery.

For more information, check out the Support Center inside RUN or click here to view the video.

To get the most out of RUN, we recommend using Internet Explorer 9 and newer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser. Explorer versions 7 or older will soon no longer be supported.

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